Have Your Website Comprehensive Critiqued By Industry Marketing Experts
Have Your Website Comprehensive Critiqued By Industry Marketing Experts
Receive a 60 Minute Consultation with Phil M Jones and Oli Luke as They Comprehensive Critique Your Website and Make a Set of Recommendations to Help You to Be Seen as The Number One Provider In Your Area, Protect Yourself From This Fast-Changing Marketplace and Increase New Patient Opportunities

Why Should You Have a Website Critique?

The hearing care industry is changing faster than most. 

Online sales are increasing, OTC is soon set to launch and a patient has never before more options available to them.

Your website is your shop-front yet many clinics self-sabotage by making the same fundamental errors which sees them miss out on leads, opportunities and causes their reputation more damage than good.

A website critique will allow a team of experts behind some of the highest performing websites in the hearing care industry, to review what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong and share the changes that you can make to get better results, both short-term and long-term.

Who Will Be Doing The Critique?

Your website will be analyzed by Phil M Jones and Oli Luke – two marketing specialists that currently drive the strategy and marketing for 50 of the best-performing private practice audiology clinics in the US, through the ‘Inner Circle’.

What Will You Get From The Critique?

A 60-minute call will be scheduled between you, the key members of your team, Phil M Jones and Oli Luke.

On this call, your website will be reviewed and we'll be identifying areas for improvements and making a series of recommendations.

Following the call, you will then receive the recording of the call that you can use to refer to as you make the required changes.

Who This is For?

This is ONLY available for serious hearing care businesses that have a proven track-record and are well-respected within their communities. We can only help you to amplify the great work that you do within your business.

You must be open to change, and understand why making these online changes is so important in this fast-changing marketplace.

If you are resistant to change or believe that we will have a "magic bullet" that will change your business overnight, then this is NOT for you.

What's The Investment?

Scheduling 60 minutes of both Phil and Oli's time and attention to focus on your business would be an investment in the thousands of dollars.

However, with 2021 being a growth year with our plans are to increase the number of aspirational hearing care clinics that we work with - we know that website critiques like these often result in us finding great businesses that want our help.

That's why, the investment for a comprehensive website critique and 60-minute consultation is $1250.00

This is a high enough amount to scare off the tyre-kickers and time-wasters, yet a low enough amount to make this accessible to anybody that is serious.

And of course, if you don't believe that your critique has been worth investment, then we'll happily refund you, no questions asked.

Although there is zero obligation to become a member following these calls, please don't be surprised if the outcome of the recommendation is a burning desire to become an inner circle member.

How Does The Critique Work?

  • The first step is to click the orange button below and complete a short questionnaire to share your website details and what you would like to achieve from the critique.
  • ​You will then be able to pay the investment for the consultation through a secure online form.
  • Once completed, our assistant will contact you to schedule a convenient date/time for the 60-minute consultation, and we'll get to work reviewing your website/online presence.

We look forward to helping.

They Have Changed My Business!

“I know that most audiologists are in the position that we were in, are tired of people doing the same thing. Orange & Gray’s ‘Inner Circle’ bring brand new ideas, things we would never come up with and push us out of our comfort zone to figure out what we are capable of achieving.

We’ve been at this a long time, and the ‘Inner Circle’ have changed the game for us, they have changed our business!”

- Dr. Tracy Board, Audicles Hearing Services, TX

The team at Orange & Gray have become one of my most valued partners.

Phil has this story about what it means to fly first class, the exclusivity of it, the comfort, the privilege…Being a part of the Inner Circle of Orange & Gray gives me that same sense. I feel like I am part of an exclusive club of practice owners that get it, that are all committed to being the best practice in our respective communities, we learn from each other and feel supported by each other. We have this amazing marketing team that has transcended beyond what I thought a marketing firm did for an organization.

This is probably the most gushing review I have ever written, in fact I don’t think that any of my students ever received a letter of recommendation that was more glowing. I believe in Orange & Gray. I believe in what they do and the methods they use. I am grateful that I made the decision a while back to actually have a real marketing budget and to spend it with Orange & Gray.

Thank you for the opportunity to share what an amazing team you have and how grateful I am am to have you all as a part of mine.

- Erika Shakespeare, Audiology & Hearing Aid Associates, OR

Nothing Short of Amazing

“We have only been working with Orange & Grey for about 6 months, but it has been a crazy 6 months. They have helped through the shutdown, something no one has any experience with, and have been nothing short of amazing! 

From helping us communicate and find innovative and safe ways to care for our patients, to finding unique ways to provide our valuable services and maintain income, they have been a true partner. 

And as we move into a more normal environment, their ideas and respect for our profession has reinvigorated my excitement not only for our clinic, but audiology as a whole. I am really patting myself on the back for deciding to work with this group of professionals!!

- Lori Losey Lovato, Sound Audiology, WA

Revenue Has Grown by 60%

“Before working with Orange & Gray, our website would maybe get one or two inquiries per month, but now we’re pulling patients through online sources consistently and predictably, which is translating into revenue.

During the 12 months that we’ve worked with you, our revenue has grown by 60%.”

- Dr. Scott Marquardt, Clarity Hearing, TX

Coaching & Marketing Has Elevated My Business to New Heights

“Orange & Gray has helped take our business from great to fantastic! Their fresh ideas on marketing methods keep the patients flowing into our office. I used to get a lot of ideas thrown at me but Orange & Gray gives me ideas and methodical ways of implementing them.

I would describe Orange & Gray as a secret weapon. The combination of coaching and marketing has elevated my business to new heights.”

- Dr. Sally Miranda, All About Hearing, TX

Enabled us to Target Areas for Improvement and Growth.

“Our experience with Orange and Gray has been invigorating. We had made the decision to join them based on attending a training seminar with Phil Jones. We were inspired by his passion for the hearing aid industry, as well as his clear steps to help practices improve.

Over the last five months, working with Phil and Oli (and the rest of the Orange and Gray team) has helped us navigate the Covid-19 crisis, while actually helping our business grow while our office was closed.

They have refined our overall marketing plan, and through their informational webinars, they have provided timely, specific advice that have enabled us to target areas for improvement and growth.

The investment in Orange and Gray has more than paid off, and we can’t wait to see where the next six months will take us.”

- John Chakan, Berkeley Hearing, CA

Increased Our Revenue by 10% Each Month

Before starting with them, my marketing plans consisted of the same thing over and over: direct-mail pieces, commercials, upgrade letters, physician visits and luncheons. I was going through the motions but I wasn’t seeing the response I wanted with any of it.

Then COVID-19 happened, which just so happened to be shortly after I fully committed to O&G. This “COVID Quarter” could have been my worst quarter yet. What actually happened was a 30% increase in overall revenue when compared to Q1. That doesn’t happen in a pandemic. 

For the last 4 months we have consistently increased our revenue by ~10% each month. This would not have happened had O&G not given me direction in where to focus my efforts and formulate a well thought out course of action.

Consistent, personal, and methodical, these are three words I would use in describing Orange & Gray. Their ideas and insight have resulted in clear, measurable success for us. I couldn’t be more happy or proud to have them on my team.”

- Dr. Kelsi Mangrem, Holland Hearing, TX
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